The Passage of Time, surrealism, noise painted, ai and warp sketching

Greetings, art enthusiasts. I am pleased to present "Passage of Time," my latest creation in synthetic art, exclusively available through ArtStation Prints. This piece represents a harmonious fusion of traditional artistry and cutting-edge techniques.

Envision a wide canvas; its sheer expanse is an invitation to step into another realm. The large-scale HD metal prints from ArtStation enable the meticulous details to genuinely come alive. This is not merely a piece to be viewed but an experience to be immersed in.

Delving into the composition, the canvas’s breadth is laden with elements reminiscent of synthetic yarn, clocks, and dials, interwoven into a visually compelling narrative. 

Central to the piece is a figure of a woman, who serves as both a grounding and ethereal element. She stands with an assertive presence, her form suggesting depth and dimension. However, her seamless blending into the background adds an enigmatic quality; it's almost as if she is woven into the fabric of time itself, and it becomes a tantalizing mystery to discern where she ceases and the background commences. This figure embodies the fluidity and cyclical nature of time and is a guide through this historical voyage.

Back in the day, when I was focused on gallery art, I would make my own paint, adjusting its viscosity until it was just right - not too thick, not too thin, and not too greasy. I would lay out rows of garbage bags on folding tables and paint on them. The paint, like a wild creature, couldn't be fully tamed. The process was a dance with chaos and chance, and I had a strict time limit to lay down large Bristol boards and make impressions on them.

The process I used for this has a similar essence. Using Clip Studio Pro, I began with an initial drawing, and then warp brushes were employed to refine the image. The fluidity of the digital paint mimics the physical counterpart, and though the lines it produces differ, the heart of the process is reminiscent of the traditional approach.

In a divergence from my earlier datasets, which usually include my past artwork, the model used here was exclusively trained on historic public domain images, drawing upon the works of Hannah Hoch and Francis Picabia against Stable Diffusion 1.5.

The warp painting was then integrated with ControlNet as a mid-resolution hed map to preserve the intricate line work. The marriage of hand-drawn lines with advanced technology is evident in the fluid character and interconnected lines of the piece.

For the prompting technique, I used a method known as "hazing," which involves intentionally overloading the prompt to achieve a rich but unpredictable result. The repaint phase was executed using stable diffusion to paint over the hed map derived from the warp painting.

Then, Adobe Photoshop was then utilized to bring the elements into harmony, refining the details and ensuring a cohesive final product.

This artwork is unique in its triptych structure; it’s conceived in three panels, with two serving as mirrored reflections of the central one. This symmetry unifies the elements, culminating in an engaging design that resonates through the ages.

In this piece, you are invited to experience a synthesis of heritage and innovation, where historical influences and traditional process elements are reimagined through cutting edge technology.

Dada is life my friends.

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