The Value of #Art, dada, surrealism, post-photography

"The Value of #Art," is a unique creature of my artistic exploration, highlighting the intersection of synthetic art with poignant societal commentary. What you're looking at is not just a curious pairing of a banana and a urinal, but a complex conversation starter, all about the state of art and its interpretation in this age of rapid technological advancements.

The creation process for this piece was interesting. I began with hotobashing, where I sloppily pasted a banana onto a urinal. Then, I ran it through Stable Diffusion using ControlNet with Canny. This allowed me to control the important pieces of the composition, while changing the larger details. Then, I inpainted pieces of it, again sloppily, to give it the final uncanny visage you see here. It's a little off-kilter, with minute imperfections, yet it's in these idiosyncrasies that the artwork truly sings.

The final result is a piece that subtly toes the line between photorealism and painterly abstraction. At first glance, you may see a photographic composition, but lean in closer, and the brush strokes begin to reveal themselves, distorting the reality of the scene. Almost justifying that feeling you get by staring at it. It's an artwork that is both visually and intellectually stimulating, prompting you to question the value, function, and interpretation of art, all the while playing a balancing act between the peculiar and the familiar.

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