Closer, dada, surrealism, abstract art

Introducing "Closer," an implementation of Dadaist philosophy within the expansive field of synthetic art. The first thing you notice is the distinct painterly quality, recalling the cadence of brushstrokes, the thickness of paint, and the dynamic hand that guides the palette knife.

Delving deeper, the texture and lines resonate with the visual language of corrupted photographic negatives, an additional layer of bold aesthetic exploration. A heterosexual couple, abstracted yet profoundly present, emerges from this radiant chaos. They lean into each other, embodying an intimacy that seems both familiar and alien. Are these distorted forms the embodiments of happiness we know?

The 'hazing' technique forms a significant part of the process. It's akin to a high-stakes challenge posed to the predictive capabilities of the diffusion model, provoking it to over-reference with a complex 85-word prompt. The result is a piece as dramatic as it is chaotic.

"Closer" is a vivid journey navigated via thick, defining lines and a vibrant color palette of orange, blue, green, and yellow. A few final adjustments were made through inpainting, but the raw vitality of the initial rendering remains very much alive in the final piece.

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