Standing in Traffic

"Standing in Traffic" captures a moment of stillness amidst the relentless pace of urban life. This AI collage is brought to life through an intricate process of photo compositing, sketching, and the application of Stable Diffusion, a machine learning model trained on my own art as well as historic Dada pieces by Hannah Hoch and Francis Picabia.

The creation of this piece begins with a series of photographs. Towering skyscrapers and quiet crosswalks, reminiscent of any major metropolis form the backbone of the composition. Meticulously layered, these photographs create a detailed base of the piece.

The next phase introduces a hand-sketched figure into the scene—a woman dressed in a vibrant red. She stands alone, back turned to us, facing the ceaseless traffic, quietly waiting for the light for the onslaught.

Following the photo compositing and sketching, the composite is subjected to the Stable Diffusion, and processed by a model that specializes in collage work. The transformation process is not linear. It involves iteration and continuous interplay between control and randomness, shaping and reshaping until the final image emerges, transcending its photographic origins and the initial sketch with the goal being to create something just a little bit intentional.

An intriguing detail is a puddle by the woman. It reflects an alternate reality where her figure strides forward, leaving the scene, while she remains rooted on the spot. This narrative layer adds depth, accentuating the theme of defiance and the tension between movement and stillness.

Standing in Traffic is more than a visually striking piece of art—it's a poignant commentary on the courage required to uphold an unpopular opinion in a social-media-dominated world. The piece resonates with the quiet strength of the lone figure amidst the surging traffic, a symbol of resistance against overwhelming odds. It invites viewers to ponder challenging questions, emphasizing the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of individual expression in our digital age.

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