Remembered - Abstract, Surrealism, Dada, Synthetic Art

The journey of this piece begins not with the visible, but with an unseen yet essential element - a raw hand-drawn masking image, designed to sketch out the basic shape and blocking of the piece.

This invisible guide does not feature in the final version but serves as a crucial blueprint that shapes the work. I used Stable Diffusion, an AI tool I trained with a blend of my personal 3D art and elements of dadaist and surrealist movements, to breathe life into the machine.

As I shaped the piece, through my iterative process, I found myself contemplating the ephemeral existence of the imaginary people on billboards. This reflection on transience and memory subtly resonates throughout the artwork and adds to its thought-provoking nature.

As per the usual, there were serveral renderings that came out of the system, and I used Photoshop to incorporate them together in a way that lined up with my creative vision.

Once that was done, I used an automated batch process to convert our near photographic render into SVG file format, changing the look of the piece, making it look rougher and more stylized. The last touch-ups were applied with another round of Photoshop, where I only made small alterations and corrections to work.

"Remembered" is an experiment with collage projections. Using the system to generate a collage, and then projecting it out into the visual environment of the piece, rather than trying to take everything and flatten it out. Instead, you end up with an image that breathes a little more, a part of the world, rather than a universe unto itself.

I welcome you to step into the world of "Remembered". Your connection, your interpretation, and your dialogue are the heartbeats that give life to this work. Allow it to echo within you, provoke your thoughts, and inspire your discussions. 

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