Gender Roles, surrealist, dada, ai collage

"Gender Roles" is a thought-provoking synthetic painting, rooted in the dynamics of identity, societal expectation, and the burdensome pressure that navigates the contours of our daily lives. In this piece, the complexities of the human condition are laid bare, with a particular focus on the exhausting struggle for self-discovery amidst the inescapable gravity of societal norms.

The central figure of the composition is a woman, embodying the spectrum of societal expectations for femininity and masculinity. Her form, fragmented and stitched together on a tapestry of gauzy backing, represents the strain of contending with a divided reality. Dressed in elements of conventional male attire – a solar gear as her crown, a yellow shirt with a red collar, a men's tie, and a brown blazer – her posture resonates with fatigue, a sense of being caught in the pull and push of conflicting roles, yet never comfortably settling into either.

Adding layers to the piece's narrative, a religiously embossed shawl drapes over her shoulder, alluding to the societal and historical constructs that define and often limit our perceptions of gender. Mechanical gears form the backdrop, depicting a world in relentless motion, offering little respite for introspection or self-definition.

The innovation of "Gender Roles" transcends its subject matter and delves deep into the creative process itself. This piece stems from a 3D composition I initially created, which I revised with some strategic scribbling, passing it through Stable Diffusion and Controlnet for a controlled outcome.

The inclusion of the hazing technique, a method I use to challenge the AI with elaborate, sometimes conflicting instructions, adds another level of depth and texture. This unique approach unsettles the AI's interpretation, compelling it to over-reference, resulting in art that's as dramatic as it is chaotic.

I used a Stable Diffusion model for this process, a tool engineered to operate on the brink of madness. The model has been imbued with a vast array of public domain Dada pieces, such as the works of Hannah Hoch and Francis Picabia, along with my original artwork. The blend creates a surreal blend of raw creativity and calculated precision.

"Gender Roles" isn't a piece to be passively appreciated – it's an invitation to discourse, to exploration, and to societal introspection.It hides things in its depths. It prompts us to question our initial perceptions, to seek deeper understanding, to empathize.

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