It's all about you

"It's All About You" is an intricate fusion of traditional and modern mediums, blurring the lines between the human hand and the digital mind. The piece is a reverberation of Dada's discordance, reimagined through the lens of artificial intelligence.

This work presents a solitary woman, clutching what seems to be a gas can, set against the backdrop of a cityscape. Three hearts punctuate the scene, each echoing the titular sentiment: 'It's All About You.' At first glance, they might seem to offer a straightforward message, but their true meaning lies subtly veiled in the multi-layered narrative of the piece. The gas can is more than a prop; it's a symbol.

From its inception as a render in Stable Diffusion, "All About You" has been a testament to the laborious dance between man and machine. I engaged in an extensive seven-hour noise painting session, shaping the narrative piece by piece, followed by manual sketching that lends a tactile touch to this digitally born creation.

"All About You" is a product of my artistic work with the AI, which was trained on my own work and curated collection of public domain Dada pieces by Hannah Hoch and Francis Picabia. Each brushstroke in the piece represents a narrative, where the echo of traditional Dadaism meets the resonance of modern AI diffusion based techniques.

Through this piece, I invite you to delve deeper into the layers of meaning and explore the evolving landscape of art at the crossroads of human creativity and artificial intelligence.

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