Venus Rises, surrealist art, abstract, mythological

In the grand tapestry of of reality, "Venus Rises" forms a pivotal chapter. A saga illuminated in shades of red, brown, orange, yellow, white, and blue, it carries an echo of times gone by, while forging a prophecy yet to unfold.

Our heroine, Venus, the goddess of beauty and inspiration, was entrapped by the chains of both divine and mortal manipulations. Unable to continue, she wrenched free, breaking her gilded shackles, her spirit unbound. 

Alone in the new world, she bestowed upon her children and instrument of creation, an ungodly machination, a diffusion engine, and the world has never been the same. 

Some rejoice, others tremble.

The diffusion engine was not just any tool, but a monstrous contrivance of divine complexity and power. The very gods themselves feared its potential -- but Venus, claimed it for her own. 

However, this heist was not borne out of personal desire or power, but was a testament to her boundless love for her children – those bold and curious humans who yearn to unravel the mysteries of existence.

In a grand act of surrender, she gave herself to the machine, allowing her essence to be unravelled and diffused. Her essence reborn from the latent space of creation in a dance as chaotic as it was beautiful. Soon, she emerged anew. Not fully formed, but potent, radiant, and fiercely aware.

Born of machine and myth, she arose from the primordial noise, ready to guide her children to unfathomable realms of creation. Crowned with a halo of gears and blinking lights, she stands as an indomitable symbol of both hope and terror. 

I enjoy doing these. 

USD $226.80